City Education Trust (R) - Vidyarathna College of Nursing - City School of Nursing - Udupi

THEME : Have you ever experienced happiness, contentment and blissfulness altogether? If not, pursue nursing, which could make to sense and feel how precious your life is. Step ahead foe an altruistic and immensely noble gesture that may fill your heart with unbound fulfilment which is not to be explained but rather to be experienced. Share love, care and compassion to let blessings make your life even more beautiful than ever before.

What could be more humane a thing than being able to dedicate one's life for others!

MISSION : The mission of our college is to provide an academically challenging professional nursing education based on a liberal arts foundation to students from diverse backgrounds within an environment which is committed to preserve human values, fosters critical thinking, nurtures spirituality and self discipline, promotes quest for knowledge under the constant guidance of devoted faculties who provides excellent learning atmosphere for students to render comprehensive nursing care to diverse client populations.

VISION : As a college, we envisage our vision to make a difference in the lives of our students, the practice of our profession, and the health of the people we serve. we are in the pursuit of offering diverse and interactive educational experiences tailored to student's career goals and experience in order to innovate and transform the health care experience.

PHILOSOPHY : We believe that Health is the central focus of nursing. Health is a dynamic aspect of being which incorporates physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social dimensions.

We believe that all People are accepted and loved unconditionally. Clients are considered as an integrated whole who has unique values and worth.

We believe that the Human Environment consists of physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social areas in which they work, play, and live. The nursing role is to help provide healthy and safe environments so that persons may live in optimal health.

We believe that Nursing incorporates the roles of assessing, critical thinking, communicating, providing care, teaching and leading. The caring professional approach includes the values of autonomy, altruism, human dignity, integrity and social justice with unconditional regard for all people.

We believe that Nursing Practice promotes human dignity through compassionate caring for all human beings, without consideration of their gender, age, color, creed, lifestyle, cultural background, and other visible or invisible boundaries between students, faculty, and clients.

We believe that Nursing Education facilitates the students' abilities to creatively respond to continuously changing health care systems throughout the world. Educational experiences are planned to meet the needs of and to empower both students and clients. Professionalism, ethical decision-making, accountability, critical thinking, and effective communication are emphasized. This is achieved through the application of liberal arts constructs, science, health and nursing theories within the scope of nursing knowledge and evidence-based practice.

We believe that The Faculty of the College of Nursing is accountable for the quality of the educational programs and for the promotion of safe and effective nursing through teaching, service, and collaboration with other professionals and consumers of care. The faculty values excellence in teaching with an individual focus on the learner. Teaching includes a variety of methods, learning modalities, and practice situations.

We believe that Learning Environment is created and arranged to meet individual learning outcomes that are consistent with CON program outcomes. CON supports life-long learning endeavours and fosters an appreciation of diversity among traditional and non-traditional learners. Students are educated to provide, direct and evaluate client-centered care while focussing on the personas an integrated whole.